Interactive Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016

Welcome to issue Autumn/Winter 2016
When we started to plan this issue of Let’s Colour Magazine, we looked to our new 2016 colours for inspiration. Ranging from playful and bright to soothing and muted, we think there’s something to suit every home and mood. And to put our money where our mouth is, we’ve included them in six of this issue’s features, from bathrooms and kitchens, to dining rooms and living spaces. Get acquainted with them on page eight – we hope you love them as much as we do.

The Dulux Colour team
our contributors

Marianne Shillingford

Creative Director

Best thing about autumn/winter?

My collection of brightly coloured woolly tights can come out to play.

What can’t you live without in your home?

My tortoise, Melton. He has a beautiful shell and reminds me every day that slow is sometimes good.

Louise Tod

Senior Global Colour Designer

Favourite feature in this issue and why?

I’m drawn to the vibrant green kitchen – a great way to bring the outdoors in until spring rolls around again.

Can you share a decorating tip or trick?

Create more visual space by choosing furniture that’s elevated off the floor on legs or mounted on the wall.

Rebecca Williamson

Senior Colour and Design Manager

Best thing about autumn/winter?

Watching the garden colours change and cosy nights by the wood burner.

Can you share a decorating tip or trick?

When you find your perfect colour and you plan on using it across a large surface area go a tone lighter, as it will look like the original hue you like once it’s reflected around the room.

Lucy Gough


Favourite feature in this issue and why?

Absolutely the living/dining space. I love the fresh colour palette and the fact that we had the wonderful Dulux dog on set for the day!

Best thing about autumn/winter?

I always travel back to Australia to see my family during the winter season and I look forward to it all year!

Graham Atkins-Hughes


Favourite feature in this issue and why?

I like the small additions ideas, because it shows that no space in one’s home can be devoid of the attentions of the paint brush/mini roller!

What’s your next decorating project?

Giving the outside areas a lick of Weathershield – they need some TLC.

Dulux Dog



Being the centre of attention; leftovers; running through puddles.


Being told to get down from the sofa; going to the vets.

Did you know?

It takes two whole days of grooming and pampering for the Dulux dog to get ready for the camera. Lucky pooch!